Chiva Som…

Thailand is the quintessential spa destination. Sublime health & wellness retreats offer everything from medical spas to life changing philosophies. A home for holistic health, fitness, detoxes, yoga, stress management, sleep enhancement, self-discovery & more. Natural oils, scented lotions & fragrant flowers. Heaven.

Chiva-Som International Health Resort is nestled amongst lush tropical gardens in Hua Hin. Created to ensure a balance of natural treatments & rejuvenation. Tai Chi at sunrise, kick-boxing, yoga, stress relief & meditation. An incredibly extensive range of spa & alternative treatments from energy cleansing to physiotherapy. Cuisine has always been delectable at Chiva-Som, saintly yet scrumptious. The haven of life.

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Mental wellness…

Mental Wellness – a great guide on easy natural approaches to boost everyday mental wellness & provide support when we need it the most. We can explore how to boost & holistically balance our mental state using herbal remedies, essential oils, organic foods, life-style strategies & therapies that empower. A Symptom Checker offers simple solutions based on our current state of mind (stress, low mood). We can discover how things like our environment, the seasons or sleep quality can influence our mental health. A compassionate resource for advice on mind management techniques like mindfulness, yoga, energy healing, meditation & breathing exercises.


Lanserhof Tegernsee…

Living with modern day stress, it’s important to occasionally re-balance, refresh & re-energise. Self-care is essential. Legendary Lanserhof Tegernsee health centre in the Bavarian Alps is special. An alternative therapy & innovative medicine centre with saltwater swimming pools, classical music concerts, monastically beautiful settings (glass & stone embowered by the forest). So serene.

Lanserhof Tegernsee – Bavaria


The healing garden…

The Healing Garden – an ultimate reference to bring the beauty & therapeutic properties of plants into our garden, kitchen or home. Covers how to plan our herb garden, essential information on seed propagation, soil quality & holistic gardening practices. 30 detailed profiles of must-know plants (growing tips, medicinal properties & how to use). A step-by-step photographic tutorial for preparing botanical medicine & healing foods. 70 natural recipes for teas, oils & syrups. Appeals to home gardeners in medicinal herbs or ones interested in organic wellness. A creative & comprehensive guide.


Seeing silence…

In a world congested, polluted with toxins & noise, photographer Pete McBride takes us on a once in a lifetime escape to find places of peace & quiet – a pole to pole, continent by continent quest for our spirit. We tend to think of silence as the absence of sound. But, it’s actually in this void where we can hear the sublime notes of nature.

Spectacular imagery – thin air flanks of Mount Everest to the depths of the Grand Canyon, from the high-altitude vistas of the Atacama to the African Savannah, from the Antarctic to the flowing waters of the Ganges & Nile. These places take us truly away. Explore beauty from rare vantage points. A vibrant visual tour of global quietude, the power in nature’s own sounds that inspire & calm. Seeing Silence: The Beauty Of The World’s Most Quiet Places. Stunning & serene.


Native American herbs…

Native American tribe, Cherokee is indigenous to Southeastern United States. This tribe has been gifted in the art of natural medicinal herbs. Similar to another native American tribe, MeskwakiA beacon of light & pioneers in natural healing.

Hummingbird Blossom (Buck Brush) helps with throat issues, inflammations, high blood pressure & pain.

Pull Out a Sticker (Greenbriar) – stems, leaves are high in minerals & vitamins. Bark & leaves act as an ointment to heal the skin, burns & minor sores.

Mint – leaves & tea have strong anti-oxidant properties, high in vitamin C, fibre, magnesium, calcium & potassium.

Blackberry – roots can be made into a cough syrup, sweetened with maple syrup or honey. Tea reduces swelling in joints & tissues. Rich in nutrients like vitamins, riboflavin, thiamine, folate, niacin, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron & amino acids. Strengthens the immune system & heart.

Cattail – a potent preventative medicine. Root is rich in starch. Paste treats sores & burns. Fuzz from the flowers prevents skin irritations & allergies.

Qua lo ga (Sumac) – soothes stomach & sore throat. High in vitamin C. Juice or tea reduces fever & lowers cholesterol levels.

Jisdu Unigisdi (Wild Rose) – vitamin C treats flu & common cold. Tea from the petal infusion soothes a sore throat.

Mullein – helps with asthma & chest congestion. Mullein roots calm the lungs. Flower tea is a mild sedative with anti-inflammatory properties.

Kawi Iyusdi (Yellow Dock) similar to spinach with minerals & vitamins. Leaves are high in iron with powerful antiseptic properties.

Squirrel Tail (Yarrow) – powerful blood purifying properties. Crushed leaves help with wounds.

An incredible wealth of natural knowledge.



Ayurveda originated 5,000 years ago in India. Our world’s oldest documented system of natural medicine. Means the knowledge of life. Based on the 3 pillars of body, mind & spirit.

Somatheeram Resort (Kerala, India)

Treatments aim to bring positive energy, help with pain management, promote well-being, boost sleep, improve blood circulation & just revitalise. Soothing specialist techniques like Kizhi (freshly ground medicinal herbs poured into cotton bags, immersed in hot herbal oil & applied on the body using long-strokes).