White: exploring colour in art…

Many times, we crave a creative outlet, but more often than not, don’t know where to start. In White, Valentina Zucchi & Francesca Zoboli invite us to nurture our creativity by taking inspiration from the works of art that celebrate the silent, soft & serene colour of white

White contains everything, even all the other colours. Most incredible shades from chalk to snow. White is found everywhere, from the clouds to the clothes we wear. White offers creative prompts based on the famous works of art, packed with inspiration from celebrated artists (Paul Klee, Michelangelo, Claude Monet). We discover the vibrant shades of white & the wonderful ways it can be used to express ourself. White motivates us to unlock our creative self. Absolutely, the colour of all colours.



As a pigment, white is often thought to represent an absence of colour. But, it is without doubt an important colour with an intriguing history. Michel Pastoureau, a celebrated authority on the history of colours, presents a fascinating visual, social & cultural history of the colour white. Captivating images from the ancient world to the 21st century, White examines the evolving place, perception & meaning of this simple yet complex hue in art, architecture, literature, religion, science, fashion & everyday life. White has an especially rich symbolic history. This beautiful & pristine colour has been associated with purity, integrity, innocence, wisdom, minimalism, peace, compassion & beauty. White is a colourful history of a surprisingly sacred & serene colour.


Light on the landscape…

Light On The Landscape. Incredible images & stories behind the creative process of one of America’s most respected landscape photographers, William Neill. Offers insights about photography & the beauty of nature in essays that cover the energy & spirit of a photographic life. 128 rare reproductions of Neill’s photographs.

Extraordinary essays that are both pragmatic & profound. An intimate look at a passionate & creative process. “My sense of wonder for nature is a constant driving force for my photography. When you approach something to photograph it, first be still with yourself. Then, capture it’s essence.” Photographing nature is such a peaceful experience. The learning curve, even more special.

Light on the Landscape covers the core photographic fundamentals such as light, composition, nature stewardship, preparation & self-improvement. An exploration of the magical convergence of light, land & camera. Filled with inspiring photographs, Light on the Landscape is full of the kind of wisdom that only comes from deep thought & a lifetime of communication with the camera. Photographs that truly reveal an outstanding creative perspective – a beautiful blend of vision & voice. “I see, I feel, I photograph.”


Chasing the mountain light…

From a childhood in Melbourne, David Neilson has been inspired by mountaineering & photography. Led multiple expeditions to Tasmania, Patagonia & Antarctica. Carried the camera into the Karakoram, the Alps of Australia, New Zealand & Europe. Neilson recounts his life-long quest to capture the elusive & marvellous mountain light. Motivates us to preserve our natural wild places. Most spectacular images of the jagged peaks, massive glaciers & hardy wildlife. Chasing the Mountain Light. Incredibly beautiful. Surreal.


The heart of the photograph…

Photographers often look at an image & ask one simple question: Is this a good photograph? How are they supposed to answer that? What does good even mean?

What if we were better equipped to ask more constructive questions of our work, to think more intentionally & creatively? In The Heart of the Photograph: 100 Questions for Making Stronger, More Expressive Photographs, David duChemin helps us learn to ask better questions to express & connect, to create photographs that are truly ours.

From the big picture question – What do I want this image to accomplish?, to the more detail oriented questions that help us get there (what is the light doing?), David walks us through the thought process of finding our own originality. Shares the building blocks from which compelling photographs are made – gesture, balance, scale, clarity, contrast, perspective, story & memory. The Heart of the Photograph is a practical guide to empower us to ask intriguing questions to produce more powerful & authentic results. Stimulating & relatable.


Brilliant English gardens…

Brilliant English Gardens. The enduring appeal of English gardens is beautifully realised by Clive Nichols, one of Europe’s leading garden photographers. From the green hills of the north to the bleached landscapes of the south, 28 gardens fascinate us. Vibrant flower combinations, kitchen gardens with rows of apple blossom, water that cascades into pools & fountains, emerald-green topiary vistas. Features wonderful works of the finest landscape architects in England (Emma Keswick at Rockcliffe Hall, Julianne Fernandez at Tyger Barn, Angel Collins at Bruern Abbey, Piet Oudolf at Hauser & Wirth). Superb & serene for any garden design & photography enthusiast. Visually stunning. Brilliant English Gardens.