4 seasons trek…

Starting from the village of Rumtse on Leh-Manali highway (India), the 6 Passes Trek or Rumtse to Tso Moriri Lake Trek is incredibly spectacular. A 106 kms off-beat path across high altitude passes (5000 meter+), 3 lakes – Tso Kar, Startsapuk Tso, Tso Moriri. A tough trek revealing the full glory of charming Changthang Valley with pristine peaks, mesmerising highlands, meandering rivers, rich meadows, barren terrains, vibrant landscapes. Simply stunning.

Dubbed as 4 Seasons Trek from wild snow-capped peaks, raging rivers, green-carpeted campsites, barren desolate landscapes. This trek tests our endurance to the core with lengthy walks, steep ascents & descents. Demands physical fitness, acclimatisation to high altitudes of Ladakh. Landscapes often change shape with a cascade of colours like rainbows.

Offers rare wildlife like blue sheep, marmots, snow leopards. Incomprehensibly massive valleys, unusual terrains. Known for nomads with pashmina goats & yaks. An awe-inspiring adventure.



Missing the tranquil, trick or treat autumn. The gorgeous gold & scarlet seasonal shift. Daylight waxing & waning, sometimes extravagantly, often subtly. Ancient cultures created artful explanations for never-ending transitions from spring to summer, autumn to winter. Navajo Indians believed seasons were caused by Estsanatlehi, wife of the Sun God. Estsanatlehi renewed herself each spring, blossomed in summer, aged through autumn, died in winter to be humbly re-born in spring.

4 seasons are associated with our eternal cycle of life. In each season there’s a prevalent balance, mood that inspires reflection, re-generation, rejoicing. Autumn ushers in crisp, chilly mornings & evenings, elegant twirling of falling leaves, camp-fires. Winter creates a bare, luminous landscape bathed in the glowing, pure light of the sun, snow & fire-places. Spring, a time of budding dreams, re-birth, fresh flora & fauna. Summer is beautiful bright days with vibrant adventures, blooming of fragrant, colourful flowers.

Like changing seasons, we can spot our own symbolic springs, summers, autumns, winters. Positively, passionately, peacefully embracing the sensation each season awakens. As we welcome autumn, breathe in the last perfumes of summer’s flowers.


Valley of Flowers…

One of the most mesmerising, thrilling treks in the Himalayas (Uttarakhand, India). Valley of Flowers is an incredible wonder of nature. An altitude of 3650 metres, a paradise for nature lovers. Rare 520 species of flowering plants sprawled in an area of 90 sq kms.

Home to endangered animal species like the Himalayan Black Bears, Musk Deer, Brown Bears, Bharal, Birds, Butterflies. Major highlight is the Blue Primula, a gorgeous Himalayan flower.

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Surrounded by lofty mountains covered in lush greenery, Valley of Flowers is one of the finest trails, imbibing heavenly bliss. Crystal clear lakes, snow-capped peaks, cavernous gorges, spacious views, vibrant colours, dazzling scenery, murmuring waterfalls, lush green meadows, captivating colours & scents of wild flowers.

A trek to the Valley of Flowers is a once in a lifetime experience. 


Call of the Kanchenjunga…

Trekking in NE India, particularly Sikkim is an unbelievably unique experience. Goecha La Trek at an altitude of 4,600 metres is surreal. SE face of majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga (world’s 3rd highest mountain) is visible from Goecha La Pass (base camp).

14 major summits grace Goecha La’s 90 km trek. Ethereal Samiti Lake with still blue waters, reflections of Mt. Pandim. Nestled in vibrant Kanchenjunga National Park is rich flora & fauna, unmatched. Dramatic changes in weather combined with quick altitude gains makes Goecha La a challenging trek.

Best time for Goecha La’s adventure is March-April or September-December. Adorned with charming flowers, pristine snow. Trail to Goecha La is laced with rhododendron forests bursting to life with beautiful pink & red flowers.

Mysterious spirit of Sikkim with spectacular Goecha La Trek, massive Kanchenjunga, Goecha Lake, sensational sunrises, stunning sunsets, snow-clad Himalayan peaks, fantastic forests, raging rivers, marvellous meadows is enough to simply fall in love with nature’s beauty & grandeur.

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Water positive…

Water is essential to life. While water is plentiful covering 70% of Earth’s surface, 97% is saline. Unfit to drink or use for crops. Our world’s fresh water is not equally distributed or accessible. Found disproportionately in places where people don’t live. Humanity has depleted availability of freshwater at a rate of 4.3 trillion cubic meters each year, majority of which goes to agricultural & industrial use.

United Nations Water2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water. Climate change is intensifying water shortage. U.N. estimates 1 in 4 people will live in a country affected by chronic shortage of freshwater by 2050. World Bank – climate induced reduction in freshwater supply coupled with increased demand will reduce availability by 66% in 2050.

Microsoft’s Pledge & Strategy – Water Positive

By 2030, Microsoft has vowed to be water positive. Will replenish more water than it consumes. A wonderful, thoughtful, practical initiative. Hope more businesses pledge active support, take measurable actions to protect our nature’s precious assets.