Lives of the most excellent painters, sculptors & architects…

Email: Dad’s 75th birthday. Loves art, sculptures, books. (Spain)

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The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors & Architects is a series of artist biographies written by the 16th-century Italian painter & architect Giorgio Vasari. Perhaps the most famous, most-read work of the older literature of art. Some of the Italian Renaissance’s most influential writing on art. Inspiring stories of creative passion.


The black leopard…

There are few creatures as gorgeous, elegant & elusive as the Black Leopard. In Africa, these magnificent cats are so rare as to be the stuff of legend. Will Burrard-Lucas captures incredibly intimate portraits of this elusive cat. A visually stunning collection. A story of creativity & passion for wild animals. Awe-inspiring images of lions, elephants & black leopard.

Black leopards have a gene mutation resulting in excess melanin & a beautiful black coat. Mostly found in South-East Asia where lush vegetation offers camouflage. In the semiarid shrub lands of Africa, black leopards are extraordinarily rare. Perfect for aspiring photographers, nature & animal lovers, big cat enthusiasts, conservationists & travellers. The Black Leopard. Breathtaking. Nature’s hidden wonders.


Art: a visual history…

Covering every era & over 650 artists, a comprehensive guide that offers an expansive view of art history. Features iconic works & lesser known gems to techniques & themes. A beautiful overview of Western artists, paintings & stories. Art: A Visual History is full of vibrant colours. From 30,000 BCE to the present, includes features on major schools & movements, critical appraisals of 22 masterpieces – Botticelli’s Primavera to Turner’s The Fighting Temeraire. A stunning source to satiate our creative curiosity in art history – from 1st time gallery goers to knowledgeable art enthusiasts. 



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RIDE. Go off the beaten trail. Discover 100 incredible cycling adventures across the globe. Explore the most thrilling on & off-road cycling routes. A stunning guide to plan the perfect bicycle tour. 100 rides – day cycles around cities to epic journeys across continents. Spectacular photography, an inspirational travel guide for anyone planning a cycling holiday. Power up mountain passes in Italy’s Dolomites or tackle Bolivia’s infamous Death Road. Cycle the famous Cape-to-Cairo route across Africa or go island hopping in Japan. The world is our oyster.



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