An anthology of intriguing animals…

With stunning photography & gorgeous illustrations, this animal encyclopaedia explores the wildlife of our planet from the most massive whales to the smallest insects. We discover incredible facts, fascinating stories about our favourite animals, some we’ve never heard of. Why is the slow-motion sloth so sluggish, how does the plodding pangolin protects itself from predators?

An anthology of intriguing animals – Amazon

Over 100 creatures in nature. A beautiful story-book to bring the animal kingdom to life. Captivating descriptions of intriguing animals like a viscacha, quokka, slow loris. Amazing myths surrounding animals.


Inspired by colours…

Many composers have experienced music as colour as well as sound like Messiaen. Their musical performances were displays of visual art to stir their creative imagination. A new study has confirmed a link between emotion, music & colour. We consistently associate bright colours with upbeat music, darker colours with more sombre pieces.

Mozart’s lively Flute Concerto No. 1 is associated with bright yellow & orange whereas his Requiem is linked to bluish grey. Beethoven described the key of B minor as a ‘black’ key, Scriabin linked E flat major with a purple-red colour, Rimsky-Korsakov described D major as golden brown. Sibelius claimed he heard sounds in his mind when he sensed colours, scents. Messiaen described his sensory skill, “I see colours when I hear sounds, but I don’t see colours with my eyes. I see colours intellectually in my head.” Ligeti saw major chords as red or pink, minor chords as green or brown. Liszt, “a little bluer please, this tone type requires it!”. The raw emotion behind the music was often responsible for the colour association.


Clive Davis…

Email: Dad’s 75th birthday. Loves music, movies. (Scotland)

Happy Birthday!

A music documentary so passionate about it’s subject that we’ll fall just as hard – Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives. A touching tribute, a great reminder of both the simple & complex pleasures of music.

Clive Davis – Netflix

Film presents the career achievements of legendary record executive Clive Davis in chronological order. A never-ending list of one hit record after another accumulated during his run of nearly 50 years in music. Incredible accomplishments & a relentless dedication to musical passion. Inspiring & entertaining.


Sweet symphonies…

Email: Cousin’s birthday. Loves holidays, classical music. (Australia)

Happy Birthday!

Beethoven – Symphony No 9 (‘Choral’)

Beethoven – Symphony No 3 (Eroica)

Mozart – Symphony No 41 (Jupiter)

Beethoven – Symphony No 1

Dvorak – Symphony (New World)

Beethoven – Symphony No 6 (Pastoral)

Mahler – Symphony 8 (Of a thousand)

Rachmaninov – Symphony No 1

Tchaikovsky – Symphony No 3

Mendelssohn – Symphony No 4

Berlioz – Symphony (Fantastique)

Brahms – Symphony No 1




The listening path…

A transformative guide to deeper, profound listening & creativity. Over 6 weeks, we’re given terrific tools to become better listeners to our environment, people, above all – ourselves. Rewards for learning to truly listen are immense. As we learn to listen, our attention is heightened, we gain healing, insights, clarity. Above all, listening creates connections, ignites creativity.


Each week, we’re challenged to expand our ability to listen in a new way, beginning with listening to our environment, culminating in learning to listen to silence. The Listening Path reminds us of the power of hearing. In a time of unnecessary noise, listening is really the creative way forward.