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Perfect conditions…

Email: When will conditions be perfect to be happy? When the pandemic ends? (US)

Empathetic. Somehow, we believe happiness depends on stars aligning, a happily ever after, a perpetual smooth sailing. In the middle of a pandemic, we long for those years. If only we had those pre-pandemic days back. Epicurus said, ‘remember what you now have was once among the things you hoped for’. Exactly why our happiness can’t be conditional. We can’t eliminate human suffering, circumstances will often not be in our control. Life happens.

Then, there are those rare occasions when the stars do perfectly align, an ephemeral moment. Regardless, life is a formless experience in a constant state of flow. Breathe. A transformative moment is when we re-direct our focus towards what brings meaning & joy, finding little bits of happiness on any given day. Innumerable reasons to smile. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace today, creates a vision for tomorrow.

Trying to conceptualise our future during struggles feels impossible. When things feel insurmountable, creative micro-steps help. No matter what the conditions are, each day is ours. It was never supposed to be perfect. So, what’s that next tiny step? Embrace it whole-heartedly. The moments we choose, the ones we didn’t choose. All of it is ours to learn from, to celebrate, to be grateful for, to believe in. Then, it is not so difficult.



French photographer Laurent Baheux dedicates stunning photography to the King of the Animals, the Lion. Breathtaking black & white images create a powerful portrait of the most majestic & endangered species. He has journeyed across Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana to capture the wild lion living freely in it’s natural habitat. A roar that echoes across the planes, a merciless pursuit of prey. Surprisingly playful & affectionate within it’s pride. A sensitive & intimate portrait of strength & fragility. A tribute to the lion’s incredible character, grace & beauty.


David Yarrow photography…

Legendary British photographer David Yarrow has captured incredibly immersive & evocative photography of our worlds most revered & endangered animal species. Raised huge sums for conservation through proactive & passionate awareness generation. 150 most iconic photographs, David Yarrow Photography offers a truly unmatched view of the most threatened species. Collection of stunning images paired with a contextual narrative offers insights into a relentless pursuit of excellence. Wild Encounters, a spectacular work in the wild with special & staged storytelling.



Email: Partner’s 35th birthday. Loves dogs, photography. (Canada)

Happy Birthday!