Sacred nature: life’s eternal dance…

Sacred Nature: Life’s Eternal Dance. A work of staggering beauty that showcases the life & extraordinary creativity of Jonathan & Angela Scott, creators of Big Cat Diaries. Their sheer talent as photographers & unique empathy is unparalleled. A celebration of art & passion, nature & wildlife of Africa.

Sacred Nature 2: Reconnecting People To Our Planet. Fine art wildlife photography supporting the protection of our planet, nature & priceless wild places – our savannahs, forests, deserts, mountains, oceans & polar regions. Instills a sense of awe & concern for our planet’s harmony, balance & well being.



Email: What’s the toughest interview question, have one next week? (US)

Think, the toughest job interview question – so, tell me about yourself? Seems simple. Just a blank, clue-free canvas. Should we tell our life story or job history? Share hobbies or talk about the last job?

What our prospective employer needs is a unique statement. How do we get from the broad question to a specific, tailored response? Our interviewer already knows what’s on our CV. A monologue based on our LinkedIn page may be unnecessary.

We can visualise our interviewer running a movie in their head – we are already working in their team, presenting to their boss, talking to their customers or shareholders. Helps identify what the organisation specifically needs from this role to customise our response as the best person to fill that need. Identifying their need means scrutinising the job description & company’s profile like a treasure map, extracting all the secrets to clearly articulate how our current skills, talents & experiences are compatible, a perfect fit.

We can also educate ourself about the company culture, vision & core values. Which personal attributes are they looking for? So, we can match who we are & our personal story with the company’s values, vision & primary needs. In our examples, we can creatively point out why we matter to them.

All the best.


100 parks, 5000 ideas…

National Geographic turns to US & Canada’s most pristine & adventure filled 100 national parks with 5,000 ideas for an ultimate vacation. Showcases the best experiences, fascinating facts, insider knowledge on wildlife & expert tips for hiking, biking, camping & exploring. Geysers of Yellowstone National Park, Everglades Nine Mile Pond Canoe Trail, stunning peaks of Banff & Jasper in Alberta fuel our wanderlust. Highlights the best destinations for river trips, panoramic views, beautiful beaches & mountains. Memorable, an incredibly inspiring collection – 100 Parks, 5000 ideas.


Managers & leaders…

Email: What’s the role of a manager & a leader in business? Low success. (Canada)

Many different perspectives exist. Here’s one. Businesses need both managers & leaders to succeed. Traditional view of management is centred around organisational structure. So, managers focus on building plans, maintaining balance, achieving goals. Role of a leader is to drive vision, passion, develop people’s potential. Managers need to embrace current processes & systems to get things done. Leaders adopt futuristic thinking to creatively imagine new ideas.

Managers are great problem solvers, resolve challenges. A leader alters moods, evokes expectations, builds strategic direction. The function of leadership is to create more leaders. “If our actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, become more & do more, we are a leader.” Leadership inevitably requires influence in an organisation.

Managers relate to people according to the roles they play due to attention on what get done & a leader’s on how it gets done. Leaders stimulate a feeling of empathy, identity & community.

Importantly, managers have to be conservators & regulators of an existing order of affairs. Leaders think separate from their environments. Inspirational. Even with great leadership & top managerial talent, there’s no guarantee success will follow. The reason is obviously not the absence of ability or initiative.


Nature’s palette…

Nature’s Palette, an incredible illustration of animals, plants, minerals alongside each colour swatch. We see ‘tile red‘ in a piece of porcelain, in the breast of a bullfinch, a Shrubby Pimpernel. Admire ‘Berlin blue‘ on a piece of sapphire, the Hepatica flower, the wing feathers of a Jay. Features contributions by leading natural history experts with over 1,000 colours. Nature’s Palette is ideal for visual artists, naturalists or anyone who’s captivated by colour.


Inspired by the Olympics…

Whether inspired to capture stories of the Olympic games or commissioned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Baroque masters & modern film favourites have endeavoured to capture the strength, resilience, passion, hope & inspiration of the games. From Vivaldi to Vangelis, finest pieces of classical music composed for the Olympics. A tribute to the true spirit of sports, a celebration of humanity.


The secret lives of colour…

The Secret Lives of Colour tells unusual stories of 75 most fascinating shades, dyes & hues. From blonde to ginger, Picasso’s blue to charcoal on the cave walls at Lascaux. Acid yellow to kelly greenscarlet women to imperial purple, surprising stories run like a bright thread throughout history. Kassia St Clair has turned her life’s obsession with colours, where they come from (Van Gogh’s chrome yellow sunflowers or fluorescent pink) into a unique study of human civilisation. Across fashion & politics, art & war, The Secret Lives of Colour tell a vivid, vibrant story of our cultures.