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Vietnam – Asia’s most exciting tourist destination. A hotspot for foodies, beach bums, nature lovers, thrill-seekers alike. Hanoi has managed to retain an old-style feel despite an economic boom. It’s old quarter is a riot of delectable food stalls, art galleries, markets & labyrinthine streets. Ho Chi Minh City serves up a more modern edge, while UNESCO-protected town of Hoi An has kept it’s charm despite the swathes of tourists. Vietnam’s beautiful natural wonders from Ha Long Bay to Mekong Delta via the beaches of Da Nang, make it truly mysterious, magical.

Vietnam Tourism


Enthusiast’s guide to travel photography…

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The Enthusiast’s Guide to Travel Photography: 55 Photographic Principles shares what we need to know to shoot great images when on the road. Photographer Jordana Wright covers planning our journey, the gear & equipment we’ll need, how to shoot landscapes, portraiture, wildlife, urban environments, food, still-life & more. 

The Enthusiast’s Guide to Travel Photography – Amazon

Lessons include what makes a place so special? Colour as a subject, how to click stunning street photography, architecture, night-time cityscapes?


Art, science & craft of great landscape photography…

The Art, Science & Craft of Great Landscape Photography teaches photographers how to convert their visual peak experiences, moments of extraordinary natural beauty that evoke a sense of wonder & awe into stunning images. Glenn Randall is an experienced wilderness photographer. Great learning if we want to venture into the mountains for once-in-a-lifetime shots of raw nature or simply elevate our landscape photography skills.

Art, Science & Craft of Great Landscape Photography – Amazon

Photographic essentials to help beginners with landscape photography. Ideas on how to use smart phones, apps as important and powerful tools for landscape photography.



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Brazil’s relentlessness, beauty & diversity make it South America’s go-to destination. Rio’s world-famous Copacabana & Ipanema are most beautiful beaches. Costa Verde, where the jungle meets the sea is home to equally stunning stretches of sand to explore. Sao Paolo’s hectic streets offer an insight into Brazil’s rapid development while historic Salvador, with it’s colourful architecture showcases the country’s beautiful past. There’s the Amazon & it’s rainforest, a vast natural world of rare species & indigenous tribes just waiting to be discovered.


Story of Ganga…

Email: Extremely passionate at work but still unsuccessful. Why, what can be done? (Germany)

Empathetic. Here’s the story of river Ganga from Indian mythology. Ganga is the most sacred river in India, originates from the depths of Gangotri Glacier in the Himalayas. Once upon a time, there was a severe drought on earth. Humans beckoned Goddess Ganga to come down from heaven to save humanity. Ganga compassionately, kindly agreed. While humans rejoiced, the Gods were terrified of bringing Ganga to earth. The sheer passion, natural force of her flow could destroy, distort everything in it’s way.

They sought the help of God Shiva, the only one who could withstand the raw power of Ganga. Shiva received Ganga‘s rush in his matted locks as she descended from heaven to regulate & moderate the extreme gush of water. Shiva’s locks thoughtfully distributed & channeled Ganga in 7 streams to bring maximum value to earth.

Guess, the essence of the story, success is moderation & regulation. While passion is our life-force, we can balance it with belief, purpose, intellect, intuition, empathy & collaboration.


Night photography & light painting…

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Lance Keimig, one of the premier experts on night photography has put together a comprehensive reference that will show us ways to capture images we never thought possible. Presents practical techniques of shooting at night alongside theory & history illustrated with clear & concise examples, charts & stunning images. From urban night photography to photographing the landscape by starlight or moonlight, from painting our subject with light to creating a subject with light, the book provides a complete guide to digital night photography & light painting.

Night Photography & Light Painting: Finding Your Way in the Dark – Amazon



Email: Left school early, no real education. Want to study at 45, can I? (US)

Empathetic. Though fairy tales lead us to believe when we reach a goal we can rest happily ever after, the reality is without the challenge of goals we struggle to excite, stimulate our minds & spirits. Goals help expand our understanding, experience of life. 

We may have gotten the idea that learning ends when we leave school, but we still have much to learn about each phase of our lives, the world around us & who we are as individuals. When we feel curious or enlivened by a subject, it’s a clue telling us where we could make the best use of our energy.

With the Internet, learning is readily available, even if there is no formal schooling. As we pursue our inspirations & interests, we may find we are following our passion, peace. Possibly, our purpose. As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears!