Getting to zero…

Worth a read. A harrowing, true memoir…

Getting To Zero – Amazon

In a blow-by-blow account, Walsh & Johnson expose shocking short-comings of humanitarian response to major virus outbreak, Ebola. Calls attention to immense courage, compassion of those who put their lives on the line to contain disease. A definitive, realistic account of the fight against Ebola that shook the world.

In 2014, a 28 year old British doctor found himself co-running Ebola isolation unit at Sierra Leone’s main hospital. Doctor in charge had been killed by virus. Completely overwhelmed, wrapped in stifling protective suits, his team took turns to provide the best care to patients. Against all odds they battled to keep the hospital open as the queue of sick, dying patients grew each day.

A tribute to doctors. Inspiring…




Constable country…

Romanticism emphasised emotion & individualismglorification of nature.

Romantic era

Romantic English painters favoured landscapes. An influential artist – John Constable, born at Essex-Suffolk border in England. Most celebrated masterpieces depict landscapes of this area called Constable Country.

John’s Neo-Classical Style created landscape art, historical, mythical scenes. Focused on nature to portray raw beauty.

Constable sold 20 paintings in lifetime. However, an iconic painter with an invaluable contribution to genre of landscape painting. Most captivating, charming pictures of England country-side.

Lovely artworks…



Quarantine culture…

As we increasingly bunker in to slow the virus spread, an interesting phenomena taking place is creative, quirky, inspiring ways different countries are coping. Defines a distinct quarantine culture.

In Italy, self-isolating residents have been singing operas, playing music from balconies. In Scandinavia, people are still pedalling to work on bikes, even more at home. People, places, cultures make this world so wonderfully diverse. 

What is France without boulangeries? Traditional French baguettes will never fall out of fashion. An exception deemed indispensable for continuity of life. Of course, butchers, cheese shops! Wines are just as valuable as hand sanitisers.

Berlin’s nightlife is legendary. 245 independent clubs, concert venues are keeping party alive via daily livestream DJ’s. People virtually coming together. Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli on Twitter told 55 million followers to follow rules, stand united. Tough to get familiar with new concept of social distancing! Elaborate Bollywood songs, dances swarm YouTube.

British pubs remains a bastion of long held traditions with atmosphere, ale. WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, HouseParty offer a platform to bevy, banter online with friends. New age of digital drinking, virtual parties, pub quizzes. Covid Ceilidh, a traditional Scots gathering of folk music, highland dancing encourages fiddlers, bagpipe players to strike up virtual bands.

Australians love the outdoors, a laid-back attitude. Easter camping now with pitch tents indoors. Marvel at wildlife via livestreams from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo

Between bustling night markets, packed work schedules, an indefatigable smartphone culture, Seoul is an unlikely capital as the Land of Morning Calm. Though, aggressive social distancing has inspired soothing online videos on how to make Korean dalgona coffee. ASMR-style dalgona videos, global #dalgonacoffeechallenge on Twitter, TikTok. 1000’s of Instagram images with handwritten thank you notes, prayers!

Sweet, surprising, serene…