Inspired, intrigued by auto-biographies like Mandela’s Long Road To Freedom. Reading Gandhi: Story of My Experiments With Truth. Fresh lines of inquiry, inquisitiveness that spark curiosity, compassion. 

Gandhi: My Experiments With Truth – Amazon

Mandela: Long Road To Freedom – Amazon

Initial queries bring an entirely new set of questions in personal pursuits of knowledge, creativity. With practice, passion, we grow adept at answering our own inquiries. Reach new heights of understanding, empathy with solo flights of imagination. We listen to wise teachers, ultimately becoming stewards of our own wisdom. 


Ayurvedic Kadha…

The importance of working on our immunity is now on an all-time high. Immunity-boosting Kadha can be made with ingredients easily available at home – raw turmeric, basil leaves, cinnamon, black peppercorns, cloves, cardamom, ginger.

Cinnamon, black peppercorns are an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory. Cardamom relieves sore throat. Cloves boost functioning of immune system. Black pepper aids in combating respiratory conditions, rejuvenating the lungs.

To prepare Kadha, fill a pot with filtered water. Thrush fresh ginger, turmeric in a mortar  & pestle. Add to the water. After a boil, add all other spices. Allow water boil for 20 minutes. Add some honey or jaggery to sweeten Kadha.

Can have Kadha multiple times a day for stronger immunity.



Email: Sister’s birthday. Loves music, flowers. (S. Korea)

Happy Birthday!


July stargazing…

Lovely evening temperatures combined with a ton of night-sky activity make July a great month to be lying under the stars. Stargazing events worth checking out in July!

July 4 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

A slight darkening of the moon as opposed to coppery beauty of total lunar eclipse. Eclipse starts at 11:07pm EST. Alive for 2 hours, 45 minutes. 

July 8 – Venus Shines Brightest

“Morning Star” will reach greatest brightness. Super shine at magnitude of -4.5.

July 11 – Mars & Moon Get Together

The Red Planet has a close approach with waning gibbous moon. Duo will rise together at midnight EST. Viewed best through a telescope.

July 14 – Jupiter Flexes

Jupiter will reach opposition. Big & bright in Earth’s sky, in line with Earth & Sun. 

July 20 – Saturn Reaches Brightest Night

Saturn’s turn to hit opposition, brightest night of the year with the ringed planet.

July 28 – Delta Aquarid Meteor Showers

Delta Aquarids produce 20 meteors per hour. Pick a dark location for best views. Make a wish on shooting stars…




Email: Sister’s birthday. Loves travel, books, meditation. (Taiwan)

Happy Birthday!

High-Tech Meditation – Synchronicity Sonic technology (Holodynamics) to enjoy a precision meditation experience.

Uses comprehensive brain-wave entrainment technology combined with energy frequencies of sacred geometry. Available in the form of Alpha, Theta, Delta downloads that literally “meditate you,” while it:

  • Balances 2 sides of our brain
  • Entrains a meditative brainwave pattern
  • Provides a consistent environment for precision meditation experiences

High-tech meditation sound samples

Intriguing, interesting…




Email: Tired of carrying current stress, burdens. Feel good just for a moment? (US)

We all know the feeling of walking through life as if we’re carrying burdens of stress, struggles. Like spinning in the proverbial washing machine! Longing to lay it down. Just imagining it’s possible is enough to elicit a sigh of relief, a feeling of lightness.

Human mind is a powerful tool. Imagine laying our burdens down before whatever we believe in – angels, nature, wise teachers. No matter how smart we are, how capable we are, how hard we work, no one can single-handedly cope with all the stress we tend to take on in the course of our lives. We aren’t naturally designed to do so. Share, seek support. Relax, rejuvenate. Feel, flow in the moment. Our well being depends on ability to compassionately, patiently balance that which we can’t fully carry by ourselves.

Leaves on a stream

Sharing a simple visualisation. Imagine carrying burdens to something much bigger than ourselves. Envision an all powerful, supremely comforting being in whatever form that takes. See self carrying a large sack full of stress inside. Lay it down humbly, gracefully before it, release. Express gratitude, surrender. Always amazed by how this brings peace, strength, hope, motivation in the moment. 



Writers on music…

“Music is at once the most wonderful, most alive of all arts. Most abstract, most perfect, most pure, most sensitive. Passion & pathos is embodied in music” – Susan Sontag

“If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph – the only proof he needed for existence of god was music” – Kurt VonneguI

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words & that which cannot remain silent” – Victor Hugo

“After silence what comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music” – Aldous Huxley

“Music, nothing more sensuous. A god yet completely human” – Walt Whitman

“I can whistle, it answers all my questions. The noble, mighty thing, green pastures & still waters to my spirit. Even poetry is not what music is” – Edna St. Vincent Milla

“Music, uniquely among arts is completely abstract, profoundly emotional. Unique power to express inner state” – Oliver Sacks

“Music unites all qualities – can exalt us, divert, cheer us up, break hardest of hearts with softest melancholy tones. Principal task is to lead our thoughts, to elevate, even to make us tremble. Without music life would be a mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsch

“We must attribute to music a profound significance that refers to innermost being of our own self. An entirely universal language whose distinctness surpasses even perception itself”- Arthur Schopenhauer

“It is magic, it is music” -Virginia Woolf

“Music is sound wave of the spirit” – Morle


Basque cuisine…

Email: Fiancé’s birthday. Loves food, cooking, travel. (France)

Happy Birthday!

Basque cuisine is an exciting exploration of just how far wood, smoke & flame can go as a cooking technique. Expertly harnessed & applied to finest, fresh ingredients. 

Gastronomy Gems

Asador Etxebarri is almost perfect. A mythical place for food lovers, a beautiful blend of tradition & innovation. Setting is flawless. Axpe, a tiny Basque village with green pastures, rugged, mist-shrouded mountains. Restaurant is an old stone farmhouse by a church where bells peal, tendrils of smoke waft from chimney’s into cold air.

Txuleta at Etxebarri: rib-eye or sirloin steak, grilled over coals, served rare on the bone. A classic Basque obsession. Caviar, tiny orbs of black roe warmed high above the embers. Burrata made with buffalo milk, gently smoked in wood ovens. Blushing scarlet prawns steamed in it’s shell.

Self-taught chef Bittor Arguinzoniz tinkers away in his rural hideout perfecting the Basque art of asador, a wood-fired grill. Fire. Passion. An indelible link between the two, most evident in Basque asadores.