Seas the day…

Our vast oceans & seas cover an enormous 71% of our planet. A powerful & crucial part of our existence. Their expansive, enigmatic depths have long been the source of natural beauty, mystery & awe. Reading stories about the sea as a child, I believed I was a mermaid. Unlucky! There’s something so therapeutic, enchanting & adventurous about the sea, whether we’re swimming, diving, sailing or rejuvenating at it’s beautiful beaches.

Just being at the coast conjures up so much creativity, so many unique emotions, such an incredible vibe. At night, when the sky is full of stars & the sea is still, we feel the wonderful sensation of floating in space, of going with the flow. Fascinating sunrises & sunsets are a surreal experience. Tranquil joy is where the waves are. “The sea, the sea, the wild sea. The blue, the fresh, the ever free!” The mighty harmonist. The perceptive, the serene.

We play, paint & dream in colours borrowed from the sea. Thank you for making us feel so calm, creative, limitless, humble & inspired. Life is a sea of vibrant colours & precious moments like pearls in an ocean. “Seas the day”.


Inspired by colours…

Many composers have experienced music as colour, as well as sound. Their musical performances were also displays of visual art. Sensitively stirred their creative imagination. A new study has confirmed a lovely link between energy, emotion, music & colour.

Mozart’s lively Flute Concerto No. 1 is associated with bright yellow & orange whereas his Requiem is linked to bluish grey. Beethoven described the key of B minor as a ‘black’ key. Scriabin linked E flat major with a purple-red colour. Rimsky-Korsakov described D major as golden brown. Sibelius claimed he heard sounds in his mind when he sensed colours & scents. Messiaen described his sensory skill – “I see colours when I hear sounds, but I don’t see colours with my eyes. I see colours intellectually in my head.” Ligeti saw major chords as red or pink, minor chords as green or brown. Liszt – “a little bluer please, this tone type requires it”. The raw emotion behind the music is often responsible for the colour association. Incredible.


The little book of colour…

Wouldn’t we like to boost our confidence by simply slipping on that yellow jumper? When we get home after a stressful day, be instantly soothed by the restful green of our walls & garden? Colours hold an enigmatic & emotional energy. Colour Psychology Specialist, Karen Haller explains the inherent power of colour. The colours we love are so closely connected with our precious moments. Colours enhance sensitivity & stimulation. A great guide to boosting our wellbeing, The Little Book of Colour helps us play with colours in our environment to revamp our mood & motivation. Offers assessments for finding our own true colour compatibility.

Beautifully demonstrates incredible ways to use colour positively. Whether we’re decorating an interior or revamping our wardrobe, inspires us with possibilities to create a space that reflects our personality by finding our own unique colour palette. There’s passion, creativity & joy in colour.


A poem for every spring day…

Within the pages of Allie Esiri’s gorgeous collection – A Poem For Every Spring Daywe will find vivid spring-time scenes, from the first sighting of blossoms to Easter. It dazzles with an array of familiar favourites & remarkable new discoveries. Includes precious poems by William Wordsworth, Christina Rossetti, John Donne, Emily Dickinson, Ted Hughes, Maya Angelou, Cooper Clarke & Carol Ann Duffy. A creative, soul-enhancing experience. A poetry powerhouse.


The nature of spring…

Spring is nature’s season of re-birth & rejuvenation. Jim Crumley chronicles the wonder, tumult & spectacle of this natural & mesmerising transformation. Lays bare the impact of global warming, urges for a well-crafted conservation vision that embraces everything from mountains to tree-lines, to butterflies & birds, to buds & blossoms. Inspiring.

The Nature Of Spring – Amazon