African safari…

Email: Dad’s 75th birthday. Loves travel, books. (Uruguay)

Happy Birthday!

An African safari is one of the most alluring dreams of our time. Just the thought of an African safari evokes thoughts of adventure, a journey through nature’s greatest spectacle. Horseback & dugout canoes, quiet drifting of a balloon, the tension of waiting on foot to the smell of dung, soil & rain. African Safari is an intimate odyssey through the great wilderness of Africa – South Africa (Kruger & Kgalagadi), Namibia (Etosha, Damaraland, Kaokaland), Botswana (Okavango, Chobe, Linyanti), Zimbabwe (Mana Pools, the Zambezi), Zambia (Luangwa), Tanzania (Ngorongoro, Serengeti), Kenya (Masai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo), Rwanda & Uganda (Parc des Volcans, Mgahinga).


Save baby elephants…

Elephants performing tricks in a show or carrying people have suffered a form of ‘the crush’ at a very young age – a training process designed to break their wild spirit through physical & psychological pain. This training method brutally separates baby elephants from their mothers. They’re isolated, starved, beaten & chained in small enclosures. Baby elephants are being tortured every day, in the name of tourism, illegal trade & entertainment.

Save Baby Elephants – World Animal Protection

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can end this exploitation & cruelty. £11 raises awareness of elephant-friendly tourism. £24 supports vital campaigning work to protect baby elephants from ‘the crush’. £33 transforms tourist venues into natural welfare camps where elephants live better lives.


Culture renovation…

Business leaders understand the power of a dynamic, positive culture. Rather than attempt to transform a culture, leaders instead spearhead a culture renovation. It’s all about keeping what works, changing what needs to be changed, ensuring proper maintenance like refurbishing a beautiful historic home to improve it’s overall value.

In Culture Renovation, Kevin Oakes (Head of HR, Institute for Corporate Productivity) provides tangible, tactical insights drawn from robust data sets, informed by CEOs & HR leaders at top companies. Motivating ideas on how to re-build a corporate culture.

  • 3 phases & detailed action steps for architecting the change we want to see
  • Practical insights from Microsoft, 3M etc
  • Traits of a healthy, happy corporate culture
  • Proven talent practices for a new culture

Oakes identifies 18 proven leadership actions for turning any culture into an agile, resilient & innovative high-performance organisation. Tips on how to develop a co-creation mindset, identify influencers, monitor & report progress, implement strategies to sustain the renovation to drive profits, growth, creativity & business sustainability. Inspiring.


The book of hope…

Jane Goodall, the most famous living naturalist & Douglas Abrams, co-author of The Book of Joy, explore through intimate, thought-provoking dialogue one of the most sought after & least understood elements of human nature – hope. The Book of Hope focuses on 4 reasons for hopeThe Amazing Human Intellect, The Resilience Of Nature, The Power Of Young People, The Indomitable Human Spirit.

Drawing on decades of incredible work to help expand our understanding of what it means to be human & what we need to do to help build a better world, The Book of Hope touches on vital questions like how do we stay hopeful when everything seems hopeless? What is the relationship between hope & action? Filled with inspirational stories & photographs from Jane’s remarkable career, The Book of Hope is beautiful & creative.