Email: Fiancé’s birthday. Loves travel, cooking. (Brazil)

Happy Birthday!

Germany. It’s cities are incredible. Berlin’s hip status & Brandenburg Gate, Munich’s historic Bavarian charm & beer Oktoberfest, Frankfurt’s buzzing financial district & world-class museums. Long hikes in the spectacular Black Forest, refreshing swims in the lakes, sweeping sands on the northern coast are waiting to be explored. Innumerable attractions from opulent palaces, mysterious castles, countless churches, rich forests, soaring mountains to picturesque villages. The north offers glittering seaside cities like Bremen & Hamburg. Countless gems like 45,000 year old caves.

Where the Danube, Naab & Regen rivers meet, Regensburg in Bavaria is an old town. 3rd largest lake in Central Europe, scenic Lake Constance is nestled in the foothills of the Alps straddling the German, Austrian & Swiss borders. Cologne Cathedral, a stunning Gothic church contains the gifts of the Magi mentioned in the Bible. Twelve Romanesque Churches are magnificent examples of medieval architecture. Enjoy Bach’s music at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig. Capital of the Holy Roman Empire, home of German kings – Nuremberg.

Named after dark, dense woods that cover valleys & hills, the Black Forest is most picturesque. Gushing rivers, sparkling lakes, flower-filled meadows. Freiburg – Jewel of the Black Forest & the spa town of Baden-Baden are unforgettable. Centuries old abbeys & monasteries, scenic vineyards, modern ski resorts. Middle Rhine flows through a dramatic geological formation called the Rhine Gorge. Features a spectacular landscape dotted with medieval castles, charming villages & terraced vineyards. Marksburg Castle, Stolzenfels, Pfalzgrafenstein, Electoral Palace & Stahleck Castle.  Medieval Old Bridge, the Heidelberg Castle, Church of Holy Spirit & Knight St. George House make Heidelberg wonderful. Neuschwanstein Castle commissioned by King Ludwig II looks so magical that Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle was modelled on it. Germany has it all to explore.


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