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Email: Will we revert back to old work routines after the pandemic, a working mother? (France)

Empathetic, a humble perspective. With vaccines, the challenging impact of Covid-19 on people’s lives & business environments will gradually lessen. But, organisations can resist a complete reversion to pre-pandemic work practices. Crisis offers a unique opportunity to experiment, innovate with fresh ideas. Currently, there’s a lower resistance to change at work. Helps organisations evolve out of dysfunctional ways of working difficult to shed in normal times. Digital transformations, remote learning & working are metamorphic.

Initially, circumstances compelled companies to react in swift, pragmatic ways to keep the pace to survive. We can now reflect, identify which new practices are effective, why are they successful? While online teaching was reasonably successful, administrators have now asked teachers to run lectures, irrespective of whether a physical class is necessary. A careful determination of which classes facilitate co-creation, necessitate inter-personal interactions will help.

We can review, eliminate activities considered a norm previously but are no longer required like in-person morning work meetings. Employee assumptions about routines makes the risk of failure high. Some are enthusiastic, hope changes are sustained. Others are comfortable with change given the extraordinary situation but believe it should be reversed once the pandemic is over. Leaders can transparently set uniform expectations. Companies can ensure best practices are cemented into new realities. Beyond initial roll-outs & information sharing, regularly reinforce, recognise & reward efficient work behaviours. All the best.


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