Covid diaries…

3:00 AM: Sleepless. On non-stop calls to urgently procure oxygen concentrators, medicines & injections for critically ill Covid-19 patients in India. Clocks ticking, alarm bells for hospitals running out of oxygen in the ICUs. Ventilators shutting down. Patients gasping for air, fading out as their O2 trickles, then runs out. Zero dignity in death. Teary-eyed, sometimes helpless yet motivated.

11:00 AM: Scramble to find & order 25 oxygen concentrators for a government hospital in an economically under-privileged Himalayan area. Ones who just can’t afford health-care. Finally, success. Receiving frantic calls for support every 15 minutes. People pleading & praying to save their loved ones. Empathy & compassion means the world to them. Devastating dynamics at play.

India has been hit by a devastating tsunami of Covid-19 infections. Virus has ripped through the population, overwhelming it’s fragile health service, causing an acute shortage in oxygen supplies. We can’t even take the basics like oxygen for granted. Distressing scenes, sad stories of loss & grief. Poignant. It is clear there’s a humanitarian crisis of significant proportions. A deadly second wave that has crippled the health-care infrastructure. Vulnerable critical care systems are stressed, reeling under pressure. A living nightmare. No nation likes to lock itself down, but an immediate shutdown for 4-6 weeks could put an end to the cycle of transmission?

Scale of the heart-breaking crisis has prompted the global community to step in. India needs help to breathe again. Each minute counts. People will be indebted to those who come forward at this desperate hour of need. Donate oxygen concentrators (US$ 500-750 each). Please contact for information. Generosity is appreciated.


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