Covid-19 impact on kids…

The economic crisis created by COVID-19 threatens to hit children the hardest. Number of children living in multi-dimensional poverty with no access to education, health, housing, nutrition, sanitation or water may soar to 1.2 billion, globally. An additional 145 million children are expected to fall into monetary poverty in 2021.

Families dependent on casual or low paid jobs have lost their livelihood. Forced to isolate due to coronavirus, have little to fall back on. A few savings, often debts. Can’t afford to stockpile food, other necessities. We face a high risk of child labour, child marriage, child trafficking, domestic abuse, streetism. Heart-breaking.

An unfortunate global crisis that requires a co-ordinated national & international response, focused efforts to both stop the spread of the virus & it’s secondary devastation. A desperate need for massive, rapid scale up of health, livelihood solutions. An expansion of existing schemes where practical. We need new, innovative projects to build a sustainable foundation with an aim to save our future generation.

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