Covid-19 impact on working women…

Email: Quit a corporate job due to Covid-19. House-work, care-giving responsibilities. Unhappy with company’s support. (US)

Empathetic. Women around the world have been deeply affected by the pandemic. Heightened inequalities. 1 in 4 are considering leaving the workforce or down-shifting careers. Worst hit are working mothers & women in senior roles. A particularly stark disparity with parents of kids under 10.

Women report a myriad of pandemic related challenges – stalled growth, loss of connectivity with colleagues, serious physical & mental health concerns. Disproportionately affected. Key reasons are lack of flexibility, house-work & caregiving obligations. This crisis could set women back a decade.

Companies can help by re-inventing the way we work. A sustainable pace of work is essential. Much harder now to draw lines between work & home, an ‘always on’ mode. Can we look for creative ways to re-define work–life boundaries? Managers can try to relieve stress, re-assure, re-focus on key priorities, re-assess performance goals. What’s realistically attainable? Can we mitigate gender biases? Communication helps. 93% of companies say most jobs can be performed effectively, remotely. A calm & compassionate work environment where all employees feel they can bring their whole selves to work, makes great things happen. All the best.


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