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Email: Want to be creative but don’t know how to start? (Botswana)

We have a natural, innate desire to express our creativity. Not only fulfils but gives a sense of accomplishment. Can be time engaged in a favourite hobby like arts & crafts, physical activity like sports, building a new business model at work. Basically, using our imagination, originality in expression. Whatever we choose to do, creative energy flows if we let go of our need to be perfect. Being fully present in the moment allows creative energy to know no bounds.

True font of creative expression comes from being fully aware of the moment we are in. It doesn’t matter how we personally manifest creativity. When we give to what really connects with our passion, tap into unlimited wells of universal energy. Since this form of energy is infinite, not only fuels our need for personal expression but also energises, recharges. Fills our spirit with the humble joy of simplicity, just being alive. 


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