A beautiful nature walk. Wondering what is beauty? Beauty speaks in soft whispers or bold declarations. We gaze in awe at it’s enticing splendour. Adored, idolised. Can be as striking as good looks of a woman or as subtle as the charm of a dirty dog with innocent blue eyes. We find pristine beauty in natural wonders of nature. Offers a symphony of colours with each sunrise, sunset. Rainbows, rains, wind chimes. Beauty is the shy smile of a child, brilliant flashes of fireworks. It calms with floral scents, excites with passionate sounds of an orchestra.

We try to capture beauty’s essence in a photograph, painting, sculpture, poem. Forever inspires alluring works of art in every texture, tone. Beauty is a home in the city, a cottage in the country. Skylines, landscapes. A weather beaten beloved barn, a hand-knitted scarf, grandma’s cooking. Beauty knows no bounds, in the eyes of the beholder.


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