What’s your lucky charm?…

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I’ve seen weird, hilarious types of lucky charms, we truly believe will bring us good luck and cheer. We keep lucky charms, either due to superstitions, traditions, build self-confidence or simply, habitual patterns, peer pressure.

Maybe, it’s a t-shirt when we play sports or a rabbit foot on key chains, a horseshoe, buttons, pictures in wallets, a pair of red socks or charm bracelets.

Special gem stones or wishbones, add to the decor at home, as well. Poker players often have a lucky card cover. Fashion and jewellery designers have innovatively exploited the significance of lucky charms, weaving these in their unique designs.

I love my lucky charm, not superstitious or crazy beliefs. A Krishna gold coin (my 1st love and companion), always stayed with me, wherever I was in the world, inspiring.





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