Are you in love?


Met someone wonderful, think you might be falling in love? From scientific indicators you’re smitten, to simple, small moments that hint at bigger feelings, if you feel these weird, unmistakable falling in love symptoms, you’re truly lovestruck.


  • feel a genuine rush, high on energy
  • can’t get them out of your head
  • defies all logic or wisdom, surprise
  • feel sleepless, anxious, restless
  • faster heart rate and blurring
  • butterflies, cramps in the tummy
  • losss of words to express emotions
  • fluctuating sentiments, hate to love
  • feel vulnerable and loss of control
  • feel adventurous, playful and open
  • wish to explore, discover the new
  • deep desire for intimacy, closeness
  • feels like it was meant to be
  • awesome chemistry, understanding
  • trust and belief in each other
  • daydreaming and smiling to self
  • feeling is inexplicable, unbelievable
  • imperfections or flaws don’t matter

Get going with this symptom checker and add a few of your own!

Can’t help falling in love, good luck ♥️

Especially for my younger readers…

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