Transmutation of energy…

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All of us have great ability to really manage the way we live our lives. Higher, positive vibrations of energies, inspire and transform all lower energies, within or around us.

Energies of the universe is always moving, evolving and transmuting into and out of form. This law of nature shows energy is always in a state of light, motion, moving freely with the flow, never still or stagnant. Resisting natural energy flows brings toxicity.

Everything seen or unseen is constantly growing and developing. We harness abundant universal energies, co-create and transform into the frequency or form we aspire or desire. This brings healing, fulfilment of our life’s purpose and new beginnings, each day.

This mysterious, formless energy is amenable to being shaped by our intuitive minds. Our mind creates stimulating, meaningful, beautiful, valuable energy interactions.

For years, embraced, balanced and nurtured my natural energies and the energies connected with the universe. Can transmute pain or negativities into focused inner strength, positivity, compassion, love and resilience, learnt to surrender.

We have the golden key to enhance or change our life’s vision and experiences, with the creative power of our mind, using universal laws of energy, equilibrium, in our favour.

“I have learnt through bitter experiences, the one supreme lesson to conserve my insecurities and anger, transmute into a reborn energetic power, which can move the world” – Gandhi


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