Lovely lotus…

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Lotus flower

Anyone who’s ever observed a lotus flower emerging from a murky pond, can’t fail to see its exquisite charm & beauty.

Lotus flower depicts natural beauty, inner knowing, strength & simplicity. Admired & respected in religions like Buddhism & Hinduism. Ancient Egyptian scholars observed that at night lotus closed its flowers & sank into water, relating it to cycle of birth & re-birth, eternal creation & the Sun.

Blue Lotus is victory of belief, a formidable spirit over wisdom & intelligence.

White lotus flower symbolises a state of mental purity, peace, prosperity & infinity.

Purple lotus signifies authenticity, honesty, compassion, fertility & truth.

Red lotus is related to a heart with adoration, passion, beauty & desire.

Pink lotus is most sacred. A symbol of true love, endurance, tolerance & resilience.

The Buddhist Lotus specifically represents:

  • Patience, tolerance & balance
  • Purity, beauty & simplicity
  • Mysticism & spiritual connections
  • Justice & enlightenment
  • Love & compassion
  • Self-awareness & victory over pain

Love this fascinating, gorgeous flower….inspirational….

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