Wild Card – Joker…

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Love the Joker

‘Wild’ doesn’t mean crazy, reckless or dangerous, just remarkably one of a kind and different. The joker flaunts innocent spontaneity, curiosity and passion, to learn exciting ways of being and amazing tricks to make people smile, spread the cheer.

Joker keep things open, energetic, electric, sparklingly new and fresh. Adopts an unusually raw, playful and light hearted attitude to life, by being in the moment.

The joker knows, if we haven’t ever lost our mind, we haven’t ever followed our heart. Can see charm, allure, surprise and wonder even in fear, darkness and madness.

As an unknown wild card, the joker holds unbelievable power, mystery and magic, as an unpredictable or unexpected game changer!

Jokers are true magicians, creating stunning extra-ordinary moments, out of the ordinary, out of the blue. They simplify and illuminate real meaning in the game of life, to revive the balance, harmony and happiness…

To truly laugh, the joker has inner strength to take any amount of pain, sensitively and secretively play with it…

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