Why forgive…


Forgiveness is a tricky topic, people equate forgiving as a gracious giving to someone else, but it’s actually much more about us, than it is about others. Forgiveness is a special gift to oneself, a gesture of self-love, nurturing and self-care. We can’t change the past but believe in our ability and intuitive insights to create a brighter, bolder, happier future.

Everyone’s situation is unique but I’ve found each time I’ve experienced something painful, yet sensitively chosen to forgive, felt a lot more compassionate and calmer. Forgiving oneself is much harder, but it breaks the chains of all dark mental barriers.

When we deeply reflect with others perspective in mind, we garner courage, empathy to forgive. We release anger, stress, shame or guilt, we hold tightly within. Forgiveness isn’t denying the disappointment, conflict or pain exists, but freeing our mind from being connected to destined residuals, truly helps accept, release, learn, grow and expand.

We tend to enter a mode of cautious self-protection or shut down, but our infinite will and resilience to stand up, dust off, smile once again, stay open, loving, letting go of negative energies, brings refreshing new surprises, chances, beauty, trust, unexpected joy, energy and wonder.

If we are wise, we forgive not for others, but for ourselves. We forgive because it is less painful than holding on to resentment. We forgive because we can still love, no matter what. We forgive because it restores our inner peace, faith, hope and balance.

There is no love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love…

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