Silent spiel…

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Many argue silence isn’t communication. Silence is a pure, beautiful way of communicating, builds an unbreakable bond of understanding, empathy and trust.

If we can’t understand silence, we will never understand words. In silence, we dive into our emotions, logic, imaginations, fantasies and desires, reveal and revel in our secret and cherished treasures. It elegantly, gracefully connects us with ‘who we truly are’.

Silent, sensitive expressions of our deepest thoughts or fears, is more eloquent and meaningful than the noise of words. The magnetic pull of a fleeting romantic eye contact, the assurance of an energetic hug or a sensual kiss, is inexplicable.

Silence is the natural, nourishing language of the universe. From a stone to the sun itself, they powerfully communicate through silence, enriched with radiance, depth and value.

In silence, we focus on self love, listening and reflecting on our inner knowing, It gives us intuitive strength and inspiration to be open, instinctive, creative and vulnerable.

In stillness and silence, I comfortably dream to be…

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