Who’s great…?


 A person said to possess greatness stands apart from others, usually by originality of their vision, innovation, faith, passion or their ability to manifest the reality they want. Our curious, charismatic role models.

We admire and feel inspired to dedicate ourselves to their enlightened path or follow a path, we plan and forge ourselves. Either ways, we cannot lose when we recognise that the greatness we see in others, lives and belongs to us, as well.

This self awareness and recognition is a courageous call to action. Our greatness creates a chain reaction, unfolds itself in surprising ways, endlessly, lovingly, seamlessly and abundantly.

Ultimately, greatness is simply the highest vibration of our intuition, spurring us towards confident leadership, to achieve our aspirations, dreams, desires, fulfil all our wishes…

When we see greatness in others, we instantly know it. But, when we truly trust that it’s magnificently present wihin ourselves as well, we embody, create, shine, reflect and live it…


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