White Hats (ethical hackers)…


Ethical hackers help find glitches and vulnerabilities, in sensitive computer systems, within government and businesses. These are good guys, with the same hacking skills as malicious ones…!

Capable ethical hacker earns more than $250,000 a year, also called ‘white hat’ hackers. They try to find cracks, backdoors and other secret ways to access data.

The main idea is to replicate a malicious hacker, seek counter measures to shore up the system’s defenses. Might employ all or some of these strategies to penetrate systems:

  • Scanning ports: Use port scanning tools to scan one’s own systems and find open ports. The breakages with each of the ports can be studied and remedied.
  • Monitor patch installations and make sure these cannot be exploited.
  • Check social engineering concepts like dumpster diving – rummaging through trash bins for passwords, charts, sticky notes, with crucial information.
  • Actively attempt evasion of IDS (Intrusion Detection systems) or IPS (Intrusion Prevention systems), honey pots, and fire walls.
  • Sniffing networks, bypassing and cracking wireless encryption, hijacking web servers and web applications.
  • Handle issues related to laptop theft and employee fraud.

Best ethical hackers are poachers turned gamekeepers…!.

Would love to observe a computer security forensic expert, in action..!

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