Misfit, no type…?


There are no two women, alike in this world. Categorisations read are simply hilarious, couldn’t stop laughing…

The ‘Fashionista’ – Loves shopping, dresses up, wears high heels, plenty of make up, social gatherings and parties.

The ‘Playgirl’ – Beautiful, attractive, charming, playful, good sense of humour.

The ‘Nerdgirl‘ – An innovator, genius, doesn’t necessarily hate fashion, but just doesn’t give attention to it. Stays natural.

The ‘Motherly’ – Nurturing, loving, caring, compassionate, wisdom, maturity and knowledge.

The ‘Feminine’ – Innocent, sweet, pretty, tender, kind, sensitive and gentle.

The ‘Adventurer’ – Fun loving, wild, explorer, risk taker, sporty, unusual, rustic.

The ‘Ambitious’ – leader, motivator, independent, focused, results-oriented.

The ‘Keeper’ – best blend of all types of girls. Witty, creative, wild, empathetic, kind, loyal and committed. She is truly gorgeous, inspiring, independent, sexy, passionate, seductive, stimulating and supportive. A rare pearl, a priceless gem…

Don’t think, really fit in any of these broad categories, will need to create a new one..! INTJ is rarest personality type for women, anyways. To top it all, always fluctuate between INFP and INTJ in different tests, even the systems, softwares gets confused…!

All women though, are beautiful, precious and wonderful…

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