Playing Poker…

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Always been fascinated by Game Of Poker‘.

All-Inmeans a player puts all of last chips, into the pot. When a player is “All-In, they can’t perform any another action, no more chips to go…

All-In is a valuable life lesson. When to hold’em, when to fold’em!

Intuitively, energetically know when to let go or give it a go! Whether rewards will outweigh the risks? Nothing in life is 100% predictable. Though, we can creatively offer chances to selves.

Who are we, when chips are down? Easy to be best versions of selves when everything is great. But, being receptive, giving, non-judgemental, compassionate in real adversity defines strength of character, charm, charisma.

Previous run of bad luck may cloud perspectives. Each moment, gives a choice to start afresh, fully in the moment. Positively, passionately create desire, aspire, inspire.

‘All in’ is last resort, a glimmer of hope to achieve favourable outcomes. A stage where we have nothing left to lose. Sometimes, it just helps to keep a seat at the table, observe how game of life unfolds.

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