Favourite place in the world..

Lake Brienz, 🇨🇭


Lake Brienz is an exquisitely picturesque lake, north of the Alps, in Switzerland. Length 14 kilometres, depth 260 metres. One of the most stunning lakes in the world.

Miss a heartbeat or two, each time I walk along it’s shores, with my inspiring spirit guides. There’s a sensitive, secretive part of me left out there, to freely, aimlessly linger and wander around.

Supernatural, sparkly turquoise waters, spectacular waterfalls & awe-inspiring snow views of the Alps, breathtakingly divine and serene.

Nature in it’s full glory, like a radiant, gorgeous bride flaunting her innocent, ravishing and sensual looks. Mischievously aware and prideful of the unbelievably tempting treasure of beauty, within her.

Eyes, pictures and videos can never do justice, just alluringly romantic, enticing panoramic views of this awesome blue lake, surrounded by bold and magnificent mountains.

This heavenly lake talks to me musically in rhythmic tones, sings in a nurturing and soothing voice. It’s gentle, playful and reassuring touch, makes me truly smile.

Brienz is a pretty, little lakeside town in Bernese Oberland, close to Interlaken.

Always feels like home, guess where the heart is…

Nostalgic with unforgettable memories…



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