The Emperor…



Re-posting top posts of 2018.

Funny emails requesting who’s an ‘Emperor’? After my recent post on ‘Empress’.

Here we go:

Counterpart to empress, ‘emperor’ stands for deep wisdom, logic, fore-sight, security. A passionate lover, provider, protector (emotional, mental, material).

Strong personal power of exploration, adventure, curiosity, strategy. On top of stuff – visionary plans, assertive actions, sensitive control. Focus, perseverance, discipline, balance.  

A unique duality on display – firm, tough, authoritative exterior. An innocent, playful, tender interior. Ambitious, deep thinker, resolute, wise leader. In contrast to Empress, who’s flowing with love, nurturing, kindness. Emperor instead rules with grit, strength, faith, spirit of team-work. Admired for immense fairness, judgements, justice.

A typical ‘father figure’. Confidently builds structures, rules, processes, policies. Shares extensive knowledge, vast life experiences. Where Empress desires to create emotional harmony, love, happiness, Emperor desires to foster honour, justice, protection, physical achievements.

Together they bring a world of infinite possibilities, to life. In today’s world, emperor stands for strength of belief, justice, conviction, passion, action. Not material status.




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