Drum, I’ll Dance…

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Love the regal rhythm of drumming, renews and balances us to the core. Drumming is the oldest form of music. Virtually every culture practices some form of drumming.

In Africa, beating of drums is an important part of ceremonies and holiday celebrations. Native American cultures use drumming to reconnect our pure mental, emotional and physical selves. In India, drumming in temples is a form of divine worship. Throughout history, drumming’s an integral part of performing rituals, celebrating life cycles.

All styles of drumming put us in touch with our own radiant, inner, child-like natural rhythms and rhythms of the universe. It represents our youthful, intuitive hearts, awakens our creative minds, creates an unbreakable love, a vital bond between the two.

Each drum has its own identity, vibration, voice. Selflessly helps us heal, find harmony, release tensions, dispel stress or aggressive emotions, restore reservoirs of our inner strength. Beat of a drum feels like a crack of lightning, pounding ocean waves or the tumult of an earthquake. It can be intense, energising and playful, music that is all consuming. It quiets our dark mental chatter, creates a peaceful, immersive experience.

There is no right or wrong way to drum. Everyone has an innate ability to create nostalgic and natural rhythms. When we believe, give ourselves permission, faith and freedom to creatively feel and express ourselves, miracles and magic can happen.

Inspired by those who’re honest in their truth and expressions, beat to the rhythm of their own drum. Love to surrender, dance on the passionate, complex rhythms of majestic and magnificent drums. Keep drumming and I won’t stop dancing, desiring….

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