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We have two distinct personalities – one is fear-based and one is love-based. Nurturing our own inner light and love, is a simple way of building our positive energy field.

Life presents opportunities to become masters of our own ‘energies’. We derive energy from our own emotions, specific environments like weddings or parties, daily interactions with colour, light or our soul tribe. Most importantly, our own inner strength and purpose, builds positive energy.
Energy is pure, boundless, expansive and flowing. When we remain fluid, open-hearted, we are better able to deeply and meaningfully connect with energy, all around us. If we resist by creating mental barriers or blocks between ourselves and the world around us, we stifle and stagnate our own energy growth.
Engaging with inspiring, highly energetic people or activities, truly energise us like sports, yoga, spa, healthy eating or sleep. Stress induced emotions consume huge amounts of energy. Reducing fatigue, exhaustion and workloads by delegating or prioritising, is key.
Building our own core levels of tolerance, acceptance and endurance, is very helpful. It’s essential we call upon our own compassionate self and listen to our intuitive guidance.
Expressing our feelings or sentiments, creates healthy mental and emotional spaces. It brings a higher capacity of fortitude, love and tenderness.
Temporary indulgences to boost our energy levels, like alcohol, isn’t really sustainable. These, are mere quick-fix pacifiers. Our deepest thoughts, actions, doubts, prejudices, perceptions and behaviour patterns, contribute to our energy flows and development.
A real, consistent and persistent effort, is needed. We can preserve our precious energy reservoirs and control loss, by ensuring we are treating it lovingly, with love and care. Disengaging with low vibrational, negative or toxic environments, is a must, not a choice.
Energy is boosted by a conscious blend between our mission, passion and power.
Go with the flow and set the energy free, it has a mind of it’s own.
Where focus goes, energy flows. 

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