Getting out of my own way…

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Sometimes, we want to be happy and succeed, but may feel worried or afraid. We may subconsciously create situations, mindsets, repetitive cycles, to stay stuck or restless.

We can’t realistically balance, envision, structure or create a practical plan. When we face obstacles that block us from our goals, let’s not get sad or discouraged. It can be easy to feel “stuck” or blame that “life” is creating tough scenarios, preventing us from getting what we want, how to proceed or where we want to go, to feel fulfilled, abundant, calm and joyous.

While it’s easy to look at everyone and everything outside of ourselves, for guidance and solutions, perhaps, even wanting to ‘get rid’ of the issue, emotion, person or object, the best course of action, is to take a journey within our own ‘innocent, true selves‘, first.

Often, we get in our own way, without even being aware, we are doing so. There are many reasons why we may block our own efforts. There is too much noise, lack of clarity or chaos around us, blurring our vision. Either, we are afraid we won’t succeed or ironically, honestly afraid we will succeed…whoah, can it be real, really…?!!

So,  we imprison ourselves, make things difficult than really are. Our natural resistance, self-talk and defensiveness, holds us back, makes us low and feel not good enough.

Mostly, the choices we make are driven by our own fears, past disappointments, opinions or lack of belief, in our own capabilities. An honest acknowledgement, is the first step.

When we take a journey of self-discovery fully, lovingly and compassionately, trust our own emotional ‘inner whispers and knowing’, we regain our self-assurance, playfulness, conviction and peace.

Do stuff that makes you truly, deeply, madly happy, follow your heart and passion…?

We can patiently let go of pain, suffering, negative or stagnant energies, assert maturely, with a fresh, new clean slate. We move forward with focused, consistent, resolute and balanced baby steps, with potentially favourable outcomes, make our dreams a reality.

Doubts, apprehensions and fears are very natural, a component of our ego. A simple, adventurous, child-like positive spirit, energy and confidence, sprinkled with an undying faith in our own destiny, thwarts stressful feelings. It softly heals our hearts and minds with self-love, self-forgiveness and self-nurturing.

Ultimately, living in grace and gratitude, soothes, motivates us generously, beautifully.

Staying open to innovations, unique and different perspectives, helps make real authentic decisions, embrace whole-heartedly, walk our own life’s purpose, destination.

Everything happens for a destined reason, so we can grow, learn, change and expand. It truthfully illuminates our path, clearly and warmly, like the sun.

Today, I am trying my best to get out of my own way, make a few very bold decisions…

Where to go for a break, which spa, which cuisine to cook for dinner, wear pink or red…?

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