My Favourite Cognac…

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There’s nothing like finishing off a good meal, with a glass of Cognac….

Cognac is a world favourite digestif, blends of richness, depth of flavours and balance.

Find Cognac’s ethereal and mysterious…

Here’s my absolute favourite:


A new bottle: Early wild-flower notes, lime blossom, fresh fruity notes, such as pear.

20 years: Notes of fresh fruit like pear, evolving into ripe fruits, like apricot and peach. Vanilla notes turning into liquorice and brioche.

40 years: Qualities of candied plum acquiring a jammy character. Long ageing brings forth rich notes of fruits and candies, in a rich jam.

70 years: Rare flavours and notes like mushrooms and walnut. Dried flower petals (honeysuckle) and jammy fruit flavours, joined by saffron, cigar-box wood, forest nuts.

100 years: A full 1,200 eaux-de-vie, joined in an act of true genius. Nectar of ever-lasting dried flowers, dried fruit, leather, nutmeg, sandalwood, honey and wood bark, surpasses all expectations.

More than 250 discrete flavours!

Each encounter with LOUIS XIII, feels like a fresh, unexplored journey of discovery…!

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