Flaunt A Cuban Cigar…

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Men are known to pridefully, flaunt their cigars. Who can forget pictures of indomitable Winston Churchill, plugging away at his beloved cheroots?

Never smoked one in my life, still very curious and fascinated about ‘cigars’ 

One of my top wishes – travel to Cuba, explore and experience their world of cigars…!

Top 10 cigars

Here’s a few top Cuban cigars:

Gurkha Royal Courtesan Cigar – $1 million

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Each hand-rolled cigar is infused with delectable Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII, which retails at $165,000 per bottle. It’s filled with rare Himalayan tobacco, watered only with Fiji water. Each piece is wrapped in gold leaf, band is embellished with diamonds, up to 5 carats. Full bodied with inexplicably unique tones and earthy flavours, try it…!

Gurkha Her Majesty’s Reserve, is $750 per cigar or $14,999 per box.

Mayan Sicars – $507,000 for 800 cigars

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800 Mayan sicars were discovered by archeologists in Guatemala from 600 years ago, still in prime condition, buried well below the surface in sealed clay pots. All 800, bought by Louis Getta, a private collector in the US. Flavours? Only Louis will know…!

Double Corona Regius – $54,000 for 1 cigar

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One of most prestigious brands in the world. They’ll fly you 1st class to Regius HQ, to help you create your own blend, of which you’ll receive 1000 of these custom made creation. Delectable leathery, earthy, sweet and peaty flavours. One for the connoisseurs!

Grand Habano No. 5 ‘El Gigante’ – $185,000

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World’s biggest cigar at 19-feet long, with a ring gauge of 1920. 1600 pounds of tobacco, weight of 25,000 standard cigars. 40 people can smoke it at together, a tubing system!

Enjoy the experience…

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