The Empress…

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Re-posting top 10 posts of 2018.

Is an ‘Empress‘ just an affluent woman with extravagance, exotic pleasures, luxury?

An empress stays authentic to mind, body, heart, soul. An enchanting enigma! Takes pride in natural character, gifts. Nothing is more attractive than freedom of expression, sensuality, creativity, adventure – lust for life. Full of magnetic energy, radiance, fire. Rare, elusive, abundant, charismatic.

Celebrates her charm, sexuality. Playfully seductive, flirtatious, explorative, imaginative. 

Her unique charm, wit, intelligence is irresistible, alluring, enticing. Creates romantic, sensitive, exciting environments. Intuitive, loving, compassionate, graceful, elegant.

The Empress represents Earth mother archetype, a dynamic goddess of fertility, family. Her world overflows with sacrifice, nurturing, harmony, joy, mystery.

A great assurer, empathetic communicator. Generous, calm, caring, inspiring, receptive. A beacon of warm, vibrant light.

An emperor deeply desires, cherishes the empress.

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