Cinderella or Mulan…

Dad: You look very charming like Snow White and Cinderella…

Me: Prefer to be Mulan, Pochahontas or Rani Jhansi…

Courageous, clever, progressive, authentic and didn’t accept injustice. Empathetic, giving, compassionate and loving. They sacrificed their lives and happiness, to nurture and protect their loved ones. Wanted to be respected, choose their path.

Elsa (Frozen), had real issues but was confident, strong and secure in herself.

Mulan, a fearless and great warrior, firmly supported her father, community.

Pochahontas had fantastic sense of humour, open-minded, stood up what she believed. Above all, the love of her life.

Ariel (Mermaid), was keen to explore her creative side, make her voice heard.

They were beautiful, elegant, romantic, sexy, desirable and attractive, as well.

Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty are favourite princesses, for young girls.

Their only claim to fame is seductive, alluring and enticing powers. Golden locks, glittering gowns, coloured faces and dare to bare boobs. A precious prize or a priceless trophy, for the rich and famous.

Most “Disney Princesses” surrendered to injustice, adored for their submissiveness and servitude. Though, they possess real divine beauty, these princesses only seem to be capable of suffering in silence, awaiting their ultimate reward – a truly handsome and charming ‘Prince’.

They’re fragile, damsels in distress. Weak, vulnerable, no sense of self-worth or value. Hence, just need a ‘prince,’ to be ‘married and live happily ever after’.

Women are also portrayed as sinister, cruel, manipulative, self-centred and disgusting. All step-mothers are dangerous and evil? Women are jealous, envious of other’s beauty?

To top it all, only traits important in a man are super sexy looks, great at kissing and plenty of money? What about character, personality, attitude, spirit and values?

Stereo-typed and sexist to the core.

Dad: So true, my fiery lioness…follow your heart ❣

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