Surrender As Strength…


Surrender is one of my favourite words.

Until we get out of our own way, we’re unable to feel the power much greater than our will, deeper than our thoughts and wider than our vivid dreams.

Surrendering isn’t gving up, moving on or a sign of weakness. When we let go of control, we place our faith in the universe, to bring us true joy and fulfilment. When we wish upon a star, we place our trust in the forces we believe in, human or divine.

Control largely stems out of fear, attached to a very specific expectation or outcome. Ironically, the more we attempt to control things, we feel less in control. It makes us anxious, unhappy, lost and obsessed.

Surrender isn’t inaction. We take personal responsibility, sensitive action, driven, dictated by our sincere inner knowing, understanding, knowledge, judgement.

It’s accepting what is, being who we are, choosing a path for our own highest good, taking authentic steps, giving generously. Being receptive, forgiving, open allows the mystery, miracle and magic to unfold.

Einstein said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” We will never have all perfect answers. Belief in our own abilities and conviction, trusting and seeking support of powers higher than us, brings best results.

Change can be a tremendous challenge, whether physical, emotional, intellectual, or circumstantial. We always desire to keep things the same. When we let go of resistance, we give the universe a chance to bring what’s for our highest good and life’s purpose.

There’s a sense of wonder, curiosity, anticipation, surprise and excitement. We feel peace, balance and harmony within.

“When you wholeheartedly want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – Paul Coelho

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