Detect Depression…


Please watch out for these early signs of depression, absolutely critical to detect early, so quality of life can be drastically improved.

Persistent sadness and loss of interest or enthusiasm in your favourite activities or things. Finding no fun, meaning or enjoyment in life.

Loss of self-confidence, self love, self care, self belief and self worth. Feelings of self doubt, defensiveness and lack of trust.

Feeling guilty, angry, unlikeable or not good enough. A sense of emptiness, unable to cope with the pace and stress of life.

Increased feelings of negativity, lack of control, unhappiness and anxiety. Total inability to see a future, thinking all is lost, undeserved and pointless.

Feeling irritable, frustrated or aggressive, without a real cause. Loss of energy, feeling tired all the time.

Deliberate isolation from friends and family. Desire to be in solitude, left alone.

Changed sleep patterns – difficulty getting to sleep, bad nightmares, waking up in the night, waking up too early or sleeping much more, than usual.

Loss of sexual desire or drive. Little or no indulgence in playfulness. Feeling too secure in the mundane and routine.

Changed eating patterns – loss of appetite, weight loss or binge, comfort eating.

Turning heavily to sex, alcohol, drugs or other quick fix solutions, to feel better.

Depression can drain all inspiration and enthusiasm for life.

Please reach out for help, as soon as you spot these symptoms.

Even the darkest night will end and sun will rise again…

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