What excites you…


Our lives have potential to be challenging, dramatic, thrilling, adventurous and awe-inspiring. Each day, our choices influence the character of our experiences. Our own decisions determine whether our paths are rousing or tedious, mundane or special, breathtaking or tiresome, soulful, energetic or stressful, happy or painful.

Doing what excites us, stirs our own souls. Passions may ebb and flow, mundane responsibilities burden, but when we make the spirit of excitement a necessary part of our lives, it becomes mysterious, meaningful, joyful and fulfilling. Creative star, spark, love, warmth, hope, charm.

If we prefer to live routinely, predictably and practically, excitement overwhelms us. Acknowledge we are alive right now and each moment matters. We can weave in our dreams and desires, into comfort zones, to avoid falling into a real rut.

When we consciously choose to do what enthuses, inspires, motivates, excites us, we experience less stress, exhilaration, pleasure, playfulness, positive optimism.

What makes our pulse race? What gives us butterflies in the tummy? What makes us blush like a teenager? What makes us wonder like a child? What makes us want to sacrifice, to attain our deepest desires? What is truly, honestly important?

Let’s create a secret list of what excites us, find ways to focus, prioritise and integrate it, into our unavoidable routines. It makes life worth living, feels fun and wonderful.
What excites you? Don’t hold back, dust off, discover and dive into the depths. Our attitude to life, makes an incredible difference, makes us whole and complete.
“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” James Dean

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