We experience the world through our sensations. In fact, industries are built around sensations like perfumes for smell, cooking for taste, television and radios for seeing and hearing. Everything comes in beautiful, alluring and enticing packages, for our eyes only.

When we are receptive to scents, tastes, sounds and physical sensations, it brings great fulfilment and happiness. We enjoy listening to music, sing along in shows, try unfamiliar ethnic food or cultures, new dance forms, visit beautiful art galleries, yearn for a wicked eye contact or a soft, sensual touch, seductive kiss, of our lover.

Sensations bring immense joy, sparkling delight, intimate pleasure, playful fun, charm, excitement, stunning surprises.

Stimuli evoked within us, kindle flames of creative spirit, precious feelings, emotions and thoughts like love, purpose, passion.

Sensations are exhilarating, charming, energising, rejuvenating and inspiring.



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