Let’s Be Creative…


Common myths and perceptions about creative people, we have all heard often:

Manipulators, rule-breakers, non-conformists or rebels…

They are receptive with awe-inspiring energy, think out of the box, push realms of possibilities, freely express themselves, creativity can’t be classified or contained.

But, they’re simple and naive. View the world with child-like curiosity, mystery, wonder and adventure. Love to dream big, explore and experience their vivid imaginations, desires or fantasies.

Many are creative thinkers because they’ve learnt tough life lessons, as conservative conformists. They want a breakthrough to find fulfilment, passion, joy, empowerment, peace and purpose.

Irresponsible, flighty and unstable.

They have a combination of playfulness and disclipine. Adopt a flexible, fluid and spontaneous attitude, wild day-dreamers, keen to seek the unknown (flighty?).

They alternate between great imagination and fantasy at one end, to a grounded and rooted sense of reality, at the other. Very intuitive, intelligent, loving, loyal, generous, authentic. They’re fragile, soft, sensitive and vulnerable. An open book.

Want total freedom, lack of direction and independence.

The truth is creative people love and want boundaries, so they can both stay within, as well as, push where possible to define a new set, so people or society can benefit. They need a predictable, patient, stable environment, to succeed. Responsible and deeply care about clear, honest, effective communications, wider results of actions.

Stubborn, egomaniacs or insecure.

Some respond to resistance or disbelief in their precious day-dreams, by resorting to self-love and pride (ego?), while others quietly retreat within for self protection, validation, reflection, evaluation and assurance (insecure?). They challenge constructively and positively. Inspiring, magnetic, empathetic and visionary.

Let’s all create, it’s a beautiful world. If we trust, have faith and believe, anything is possible. Never doubt our dreams.

Love dancing and writing ✍️ 💃

A Diva…♥️



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