Mirror, Mirror…


Just one day can make our lives, one day can ruin our lives, one day can make an impact, one day can make the rest of our lives truly worth living or regretting…

The value and meaning of each day in our lives often goes un-acknowledged, un-noticed, un-appreciated. Each day is truly precious, priceless. No matter how earnestly we wish or try, this day will never, ever return in our lifetime. Time is of the essence.

Before I go to bed, look in the mirror to ask 5 basic questions:

How was my day? (good, positive, achievement….?)

How do I feel? (fulfilled, happy, grateful, challenged…?)

Did I miss a moment, I shouldn’t have? (priorities, resolutions, time management…?)

How did I behave? (honestly, generously, fairly…?)

What can stop me from making tomorrow, worth the wait? (peer pressure, lack of action, attention, belief, motivation…)

Looking eye to eye and having a conversation might seem weird & odd, but it’s a well-deserved un-masked time to spend with ourselves. A playful way to gain clarity, pose ruthless questions, only accept honest answers, intuitive self-reflections, self-nurturing. It teaches us the real value, importance of self-love, self-forgiveness.

Absolutely, offers instant lightbulb moments about simple or life-changing decisions to better serve our goals, our aspirations, our dreams, our fulfilment, our people. Always ensures we treat ourselves, as a priority. We cannot give to others what we do not have.

Surely, brings vision, will, inspiration & energy to raise the game, bar & stakes, confidently demolish invisible walls & blocks (mental, emotional) to shape & create the next day, just the way we want to live it. Seize, cherish & enjoy it’s full potential by being authentic, the very best version of ourselves. We know, we can.

Surely, we can admire our beauty, check & count our glorious teeth, as well…

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