Pick a kiss…

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Ha ha, crazy!

There’s funny research, classifications and categorisations, on different types of kisses…

Just know, the first time ever I kissed a guy, it felt unbelievably innocent, irresistible, scary, spontaneous and sensuous, he was asleep and didn’t have a clue…!

Kiss builds a special bond, whether it’s a kiss of friendship, desire, passion or love.

Here we go:

A kiss on the forehead is a gentle expression of admiration. Usually, it is a kiss of friendship or a starter kiss for something for romantic, eventually.

A kiss on the hand is a chivalrous move, shows admiration, respect, love for someone.

The French kiss, mystery and mastery. It’s desire, passion and romance.

A single lip kiss is a suggestive kiss, charms and allures the other.

The ear-lobe kiss is most romantic and intimate of kisses, playful and delightful.

A lingering kiss, lip-lock for long periods of time, till you can’t breathe. It’s full of intense emotion and fire, is often reserved for new love.

The lip-gloss kiss, leaves a lipstick mark, is usually a mischievous and playful.

Secret kiss, send a quick hidden, coded, seductive and flirty signal.

The lizard kiss, hot and heavy, steamy and spirited action, with the tongue.

The air kiss, thrown in air or one on the cheeks, usually a non romantic, friendly gesture.

The angel kiss, gently on the eyes and eyelids, sweet and romantic.

The bite & nibble kiss, deeply sensual, exudes intimacy and eroticism.

The vampire kiss, deep, tempting and sexy kiss, for ones with a nice neck.

The love kiss, creative, free form, imaginative, tender, reassuring and loving.

The pressure kiss, a little aggressive, hurtful and amorous.

An eskimo kiss, two noses rub against each other, a suggestive move.

A woodpecker kiss, softly pecked all over the face.

A tease kiss, lean in until your lips barely graze each other’s and pull back, a little, pleasure and temptation, delayed gratification.

And many, many more, but who cares…a rose is a rose, it’s natural, sweet, sensational and sentimental, defies any logic or analysis….

Incredibly fascinating and flirtatious, for couples…

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