Can you see me…

fog 2

When we feel confused, unsure of which way to turn, we are in a fog. Like a fog in nature, we can’t see where we’re going or where we’ve come from. We’re afraid if we move, we might crazily run into something hidden or dangerous, hurt ourselves. Being in a fog slows us down by limiting our confidence and vision.

The best choice is to pause a little, for the murkiness to clear. Slow down, take baby steps, feel the way with careful caution, stay calm and patient, to emerge from the haze.

But, by all means keep moving. Shutting down is not an option. Inaction, is also a decision. If so, we could stay lost in the fog, forever. Stay open, be receptive.

Fog brings a few amazing gifts. Sometimes, it takes an obstacle like fog, to force us into a still moment, just do nothing. Destiny guides us to reflect deeply within, find sources of our fogginess, like an overwhelming emotion due to childhood wounds or see the faint, illuminated glow of a new path ahead, give it care and attention it deserves, before we go full steam ahead.

Being in a fog reminds, when we get lost in the chaos and noise around us, we can only make real progress by listening to our own inner knowing, our whispers of guidance. We cannot predict when a fog will come, nor be certain when it will lift, but we can keep our faith and balance, firm in the haze. In our own little ways, keep striving for fulfilment of our precious dreams, wishes and goals. We can find the answers on our own or take the generous support and inspiration from a pair of tail-lights, just ahead.

Whether we wait for a breeze to lift the fog or allow the sun to burn it away, we can be certain, we’ll move forward again, with resolve, passion, purpose and clarity.

Fog is a great chance to bring beauty, mystery, magic and creativity back in our lives, by thinking out of the box, The same patterns, perceptions, perspectives, behaviours, mindsets and rigid ways of working, may not help seize once in a lifetime opportunities, make wise choices, to reach the best life has to offer.

Never give up, keep moving, keep believing in the power of your own worth and value, trust your truth, capabilities, intellect, intuitions and judgement.

When lost in fog, just remember a few of my favourite things, then I don’t feel so bad. Embrace a child-like spirit of playfulness, curiosity, challenge and wonder….


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