I Am Love…


Wondered, if we had to describe ourselves in just ‘one’ word, which one would be the ‘perfect fit’, ‘the essence’…? After over thinking for a month, finally a lightbulb moment….

Who am I..?

“I am not what I ought to be, I am not what I want to be, I am not what I hope to be, I am not what I once used to be, I am what I am”

I am not who I am supposed to be, but more than what I was, very different and unique.


No measurements, no balance sheets, no credit scores.

The measure of love, is just to love.

This innate ability to genuinely love, helps shed old, self-sabotaging conditioning. Aligns, balances and inspires to rise above the unseen, tough or hurtful moments in life, endure pain quietly with compassion and without any judgement, heal, share generously and give the priceless gift of forgiveness, to others. Above all, just laugh and learn, flow.

Self-love and truly loving others without much expectation, brings an immense and inexplicable sense of being, balance, strength and achievement. True love is surrender, freedom, belief, adventure, energy, creativity and empathy. We feel open, free, trusting and able to share our love, care and warmth with inner beauty, grace and gratitude.

I am….perfectly, imperfect…that’s what ruthlessly, true love is all about…!






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