Feelings: On Or Off…


It’s bizarre how we classify people in extremes, as either logical or emotional.

Without emotions, we would be fairly incapable of making decisions, let alone a logical one. Balanced emotions and logical perspectives, is the powerhouse of decision-making.

We need emotions to help logic, when we make decisions, with many unknowns in life.

We can’t logic our way through emotions…

All decisions we make, personal or professional, have a profound emotional impact on us. Logic is the language of the conscious mind, whereas emotion is the language of the unconscious mind.

Logic makes decisions, emotion creates imagination, determination, persuasion and action.

A perfect balance between logic and emotions, would be perfect. Honestly, we do have a natural inclination towards one or the other, but considering both perspectives equally, without judgement or criticism, helps us live a fulfilling, fresh, exciting and happy life.

Our logic plays an important role in creating positive or negative emotions like anger, fear. The emotional environment we create within ourselves, needs to stay positive and healthy, to give us the vision, belief and strength to face any challenge, life has to offer.

So, there is emotion in logic and logic in emotion..blend well for the perfect spark..!

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