Home is where the heart is…


The word “home” has a wide range of connotations. Some say, home is merely a place where basic comforts & material needs are addressed. Others tell, home is a solid foundation from which they draw their strength, abundance, joy, inspiration & tranquility. To others, home implies somewhere we can unapologetically be ourselves. Understood, accepted & loved.

However, these attributes need not be linked to a single space or any space at all. Home can also be a loving & warm feeling, we carry inside ourselves, wherever we are.

A person can also feel like home to us. As long as the warmth of this companion exists firmly by our side, we can build a number of homes together. Without this person in our lives, any number of mansions we build, may feel empty, cold & meaningless.

Since our home is so intimately tied to our memories, we may feel we are losing a vital part of ourselves, when need to leave the old behind. However, if we carry our home as an affectionate feeling within ourselves, we become our own foundation. We can then stay emotionally & practically grounded, look forward to new exciting chapters in our life, releasing all doubts & fears. We believe we can re-build.

We intuitively know we have found the keys to our home, when who we are, our physical space & our energetic surroundings are in harmony.

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