Denying our limitations…


Often, our inhibitions and inner conflicts limit our ability to pursue our aspirations. We unconsciously become defensive, justify our hesitation by citing concerns related to the preservation of our well-being. Our past experiences or pressures, often serve to protect us from the unfamiliar, but it can inadvertently, block us from fulfilling our potential.

If we recognise that our conditioned patterns, perspectives and insecurities are the result of our unfounded fears, it empowers us to gain clarity, overcome our desire to retreat.

When we quietly nurture, build our emotional balance, enhance belief in our self-value and worth, it inspires us to raise the bar, take calculated risks and move beyond our comfort zones. If we practice self-compassion, forgiveness and self-love, we really feel the strength to touch the moon and stars, succeed in fabricating the life of our dreams.

Breaking down invisible chains and barriers, is often as easy as truly adopting a child-like curiosity, sense of adventure, freedom of expression, vulnerability and playfulness. Then, we will absolutely assert our true will, by stubbornly honouring ourselves, first. As adults, we get so caught up in all “grown up” stuff, we can just forget to “love ourselves”.

Also, this liberates us from the vicious grip of invisible walls and mindsets, devilishly intending to keep us in negative, foggy, dramatic and pessimistic frames of mind. Keeping things simple is hard to do, but helps us heal and let go of all types of resistance.

Our intuitive, inner voice can’t be silenced, as we learn to trust and approach wonderful frontiers and opportunities, with real courage, hope and faith in our hearts and mind.

Tradition and selective transformation can co-exist where needed, for our highest good.

The answers we seek, lie silently within…

Sometimes, we need to actively destroy old and unhealthy foundations, so we can create a fresh way of being, bring a new and beautiful dawn, as warm and radiant, as the sun.

“I am rooted, but I flow”…


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