Put on your dancing shoes..


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“Dare, dream, dance, smile, sing loudly and have faith that love of life, is an unstoppable force. Our bodies were naturally made to move and flow. Within our movements, we genuinely find a deeper, meaningful connection, between ourselves and the universe”

As children, we swayed and danced spontaneously, freely and excitedly, in ways we knew best, to our favourite dance beats. As adults though, most of us have stopped dancing. We may have hang-ups about our bodies, techniques or fear being judged.

We truly lose and find ourselves, when we express our authentic self, whole-heartedly. We can rediscover the pleasure of moving to music – alone, as a couple or in a group. Simply, re-introducing ourselves to the joy of listening and responding to music, brings immense pleasure. We feel beautiful music and it’s soothing vibrations, in our hearts. Instinctively, refreshes and replenishes our physical, mental and emotional reservoirs.

We carry memories of our wild and insane childhood dances, in our blood and bones. So, let’s just pick any dance form, from classical to modern, African to Ballroom or Salsa. We won’t regret a chance to rejuvenate, rediscover the passion, energy and thrill of dancing.

“Opportunity dances, with those already on the dance floor”…

“Dancers don’t need wings to fly” and “Why walk, when we can dance”…

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