The coming wave…

The Coming Wave. This is a story of AI technology, why it matters so much & what we can do to make it work for everyone. Soon we will live surrounded by AIs. They will carry out complex tasks – operating businesses, producing unlimited digital content & running core government services. The coming wave can make this next decade the most productive in history. It represents nothing less than a step change in human capability & human society, introducing both unprecedented risks & incredible innovations on an awesome scale.

A ground-breaking book from AI entrepreneur Mustafa Suleyman is a great guide to the technological revolution just starting & the transformed world it will create. Mustafa Suleyman is the co-founder & CEO of Inflection AI. Previously, co-founded DeepMind, one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence companies. After a decade at DeepMind, Suleyman became vice president of AI product management & AI policy at Google.

The book establishes “the containment problem” – the task of maintaining control over precious & powerful technologies as the essential challenge of our age. Fascinating. A heartfelt, sharp & candid exploration of what the future may hold for us. Eloquently articulated.


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