In Wasteland, journalist Oliver Franklin-Wallis takes us on an urgent & shocking journey inside our global waste management industry. A secretive multi-billion dollar world that underpins our modern economy, quietly profiting from what we leave behind. In India, meet the waste pickers on the front line of the plastic crisis. In the UK, journey down sewers to confront the waste crisis & comes face-to-face with the nuclear waste. In Ghana, follow the after-life of our technology & explore the global export network that results in goodwill donations clogging African land-fills. From an incinerator to an Oklahoma ghost-town, Franklin-Wallis travels in the search of the impacted people & companies that really handle waste. Meet the innovators, policy-makers, campaigners pushing for a cleaner & a less wasteful future.

Through mesmerising & occasionally terrifying investigation, Oliver Franklin-Wallis tells a new story of humanity based on what we leave behind. Shares a beautiful blueprint for building a healthier & a more sustainable world, before we’re all buried in trash. Thought provoking.


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