Searching for the snow leopard…

Searching For The Snow Leopard. A stunning visual journey in search of the iconic big cat, the snow leopard. The snow leopard or the ghost of the mountains is an elusive predator that has captured our imagination. By nature secretive, living at altitudes of up to 19,000 feet in our world’s harshest environments, it’s notoriously difficult to see. Those lucky enough to encounter one speak of the experience as momentous, transformative, even spiritual.

Published in partnership with the Snow Leopard Conservancy, wildlife photographers, naturalists & conservationists take us closer than most humans will ever get to knowing the snow leopard & understanding why these beautiful big cats have been considered the most mysterious of all. Over 130 breathtaking photographs taken in the wild, the patient pursuit following the tracks for a momentary glimpse, an unexpected encounter watching the predator hunt, a magical moment with a mother & her cubs. A special seek & find to spot the snow leopard, to discern the camouflage from the rock & snow. Surreal.


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