Presented in a landscape format with captions explaining the story behind each entry, Antarctica is a superb collection of images celebrating a striking continent. On the southern tip of our Earth lies one of the world’s biggest & most unfriendly landmasses. From the waters of the Southern Ocean to the ice shelves, glaciers, volcanoes & mountains, Antarctica is one of the most mysterious yet intriguing continents. It is the windiest, driest & coldest place on Earth, making it uninhabitable for humans. However, the snow, ice, water & rocks make it simply stunning.

Despite unimaginably harsh conditions, this unique continent is home to a vast array of wonderful wildlife – penguins, seals, birds & whales. From the Ross ice shelf, the largest in Antarctica, to Mount Erebus, currently the most active volcano on the continent, from the Shackleton’s Hut to an abandoned whaling station on Desolation Island, Antarctica is a fascinating exploration of a frozen land of sublime beauty. Spectacular. Pristine & peaceful.


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